Because of certain provisions in the Village Charter on July 16, 1906, a volunteer fire company known as the Fredonia Fire Police was organized with seventeen members. This was the first such Company in New York State. Prior to 1906, five senior members from each of the three fire companies were designated as Fire Police, and had duties similar to an auxiliary police officers, but only at fire scenes.

In 1942, the Company petitioned the Village Board of Trustees to allow the Fire Police to increase its membership to 25, which was granted on May 8th.

In addition to increasing the membership of the Company, the duties of the Fire Police were amended to include firefighting, rescue, emergency, and any work or activity that can be done by a volunteer firefighter.

The Fredonia Fire Police Company was incorporated on may 1, 1946 and remains the only Fire Police Company incorporated in New York State.

For many years, the Company meetings were held in a room at the Village hall and other locations, since the Fire police were not regarded by the rest of the department as a firefighting unit. On July 23, 1963, plans for a room in the southeast corner on the third floor of the fire hall on Church Street were submitted by the Secretary. On August 31, 1963 the Village Board approved, and on January 8, 1964 the first regular monthly meeting of the Fredonia Fire Police Company Inc., was held on their own room in the fire hall.

The Company has an active "bunker" program through the 60's and 70's, until the move to the new hall on West Main Street in 1979.

The Fire Police were not included in the Chiefs rotation in 1981, when Daniel Morrison was elected as the Third Assistant Chief of the Fredonia Fire Department.

The first female member of the Company was accepted into membership on September 3, 1986.

As the role of any today's volunteer firefighters has changed, so had that of the Fredonia Fire Police Company. Today, in addition to the traditional duties of directing traffic and maintaining order at an incident, (all active members are sworn peace Officers of the State of New York), the Fredonia Fire Police Company has members involved in all phases of firefighting, rescue, Hurst Tool operation, hazardous materials spills, fire prevention, driving and operating apparatus, and many "behind the scenes" activities in the department. We currently have responsibility for maintaining equipment on the Engine 10 and Tanker 11.


President - Charles Ortolano

Secretary - Roger Volk

Treasurer - Ron Millonzi

Captain - Chad Agel

1st Lieutenant - Adam Ahrens

2nd Lieutenant -

Sergeant at Arms - Richard Lascola

Steward - David Sinclair