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The Fredonia Volunteer Fire Department is once again conducting its annual fund drive. While Village and Town taxes do provide for the Department’s operational expenses, the Fund Drive supports the activities of the Fredonia Volunteer Fire Department and its fire companies, along with essential equipment to better provide emergency services to your family and friends.

The Fredonia Fire Department has always had the ability to transport, but does not compete with a local ‘for profit’ paid ambulance service. Over the last few years, the paid ambulance service has not been available more and more often due to their need to transport more and more patients to Buffalo and Erie.  The Fredonia Fire Department has been filling the gap, but did not previously charge the patient for this service. The Village recently elected to charge medicare, medicaid and insurance companies a comparable fee to transport patients. A third party billing company sends out the bills and receives the payments. These fees are then received by the Village and used to offset Village and Town taxes. The Village opted NOT to collect co pays from Village and Town residents. The Fredonia Volunteer Fire Department does not receive any of these funds.

We realize the poor economy in Western New York affects many of our citizens and making a donation this year may be more difficult now than it was in the past. No matter what the amount, please consider making a donation again this year.

Our members volunteer their time and provide their own transportation for training, fire calls, and other emergencies, as well as fund drive collection activities.  Please help save our Volunteers time and money by responding to this donation request before May 11, 2018.  Even if your answer is no, please send this form back to us by May 11, 2018 so that you may be removed from this year’s door-to-door drive.

This Fund Drive will be our only community-wide fund raising event in 2018. We thank you for your generous support in the past, present and the future.


Julius Leone, Jr. - President

The Fredonia Volunteer Fire Department is a 501 (C) (3) tax exempt organization.

Recent Fund Drive Purchases

  • Pediatric Restraints for safely transporting children to the hospital
  • Extrication Struts compatible with our air bag system
  • Bio metric drug safes for storage of medications requiring strict accountability
  • Mobile gear racks which allow the gear to dry after use and be easily available for donning for alarms 
  • Automated External Defibrillators (2):  Restores normal heart rhythm. Used by EMTs and Firefighters.
  • Hurst Hydraulic Extrication Tools: Remove patients from crushed vehicles, Forcible entry & extrication
  • Pagers:  Dispatch volunteer firefighters.
  • Med Radios:  Direct communications between hospital and paramedics in the field.
  • Portable generator, lights, and ventilation fan:  Scene lighting, exhaust smoke and hot gases.
  • Miscellaneous Truck:  Carries a wide variety of essential equipment.
  • Strainers:  Keeps debris out of fire pumps, used when pumping water from ponds and streams.
  • Task Force Fire Nozzle:  Automated nozzle improves fire flow and firefighter safety.
  • Flashlights:  Specialized for interior firefighting, powerful, rugged, waterproof, rechargeable.
  • Portable Radios:  Handheld radios for each of the four volunteer fire chiefs.
  • Automated Mechanical Chest Compression Device:  Performs compressions for CPR.
  • Oxygen Regulators (2):  Administer oxygen therapy to emergency medical patients.
  • Tablet Computer:  Portable computer provides access in the field to aerial photography, maps, individual pre-plans, hazardous materials data, various resource inventories, contacts, etc.
  • Portable Scene Lights:  Rapidly deployed, high intensity, battery operated lighting system. Safety.
  • Intraosseous Infusion Kit:  Infuse patients with lifesaving medicine and fluids.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera:  Find people in dense smoke.  Look for fire in hidden spaces.
  • House Numbering Signs:  Rapid identification of houses in the event of an emergency.
  • New Chief’s Vehicle:  Used for command and replacement vehicle.

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