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Recent Fund Drive Purchases

  • Pediatric Restraints for safely transporting children to the hospital
  • Extrication Struts compatible with our air bag system
  • Bio metric drug safes for storage of medications requiring strict accountability
  • Mobile gear racks which allow the gear to dry after use and be easily available for donning for alarms 
  • Automated External Defibrillators (2):  Restores normal heart rhythm. Used by EMTs and Firefighters.
  • Hurst Hydraulic Extrication Tools: Remove patients from crushed vehicles, Forcible entry & extrication
  • Pagers:  Dispatch volunteer firefighters.
  • Med Radios:  Direct communications between hospital and paramedics in the field.
  • Portable generator, lights, and ventilation fan:  Scene lighting, exhaust smoke and hot gases.
  • Miscellaneous Truck:  Carries a wide variety of essential equipment.
  • Strainers:  Keeps debris out of fire pumps, used when pumping water from ponds and streams.
  • Task Force Fire Nozzle:  Automated nozzle improves fire flow and firefighter safety.
  • Flashlights:  Specialized for interior firefighting, powerful, rugged, waterproof, rechargeable.
  • Portable Radios:  Handheld radios for each of the four volunteer fire chiefs.
  • Automated Mechanical Chest Compression Device:  Performs compressions for CPR.
  • Oxygen Regulators (2):  Administer oxygen therapy to emergency medical patients.
  • Tablet Computer:  Portable computer provides access in the field to aerial photography, maps, individual pre-plans, hazardous materials data, various resource inventories, contacts, etc.
  • Portable Scene Lights:  Rapidly deployed, high intensity, battery operated lighting system. Safety.
  • Intraosseous Infusion Kit:  Infuse patients with lifesaving medicine and fluids.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera:  Find people in dense smoke.  Look for fire in hidden spaces.
  • House Numbering Signs:  Rapid identification of houses in the event of an emergency.
  • New Chief’s Vehicle:  Used for command and replacement vehicle.

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