The D.R. Barker Hose Company #1 Inc. was organized on January 1st, 1869 as The Fredonia Fire Company #1. It was incorporated in 1885 as the D.R. Barker Hose Company #1. After a dispute with the village fathers, The Barker Hose Company was disbanded. The tragic fire in 1900 at the Normal School sparked the re-organization of the Fredonia Fire Department on April 2nd, 1901 with John Zahm as the 1st Fire Chief. This resulted in the re-incorportation of the D.R. Barker Hose Company #1.

The Barker Hose roster is comprised of 35 active members, both men and women. The 1st Female Firefighter of the Fredonia Fire Department was from the Barker Hose Company. Members have a wide variety of specialized training with members serving in many different capacities on Department Committees, The Rescue Team, The Safety Committee, and Extrication Team among others. The knowledge of our older members has been passed down to the newer members. To conclude, The Barker Hose Company is committed to the ideals of the Fredonia Fire Department, and the life and protection of the residents and property of the Village of Fredonia and Town of Pomfret.


President - Paul Trippy Sr.

Vice President - Doug Essek

Secretary - 

Treasurer - Karen Trippy

Captain - Edmund Kujawa III

1st Lieutenant -

2nd Lieutenant -


George Tadt Jr. - Neil McNeight - Russell Trump Jr. - Roy Harrington - John Maggio