About Us

The Fredonia Fire Department has 9 career Firefighter/Paramedics who provide Advanced Life Support emergency response and fire or rescue response 24/7 and about 100 Volunteers that take on various tasks between answering alarms, to administrative duties.

We operate out of one large central station located in the middle of the Village of Fredonia to cover our entire response area which consists of the Town of Pomfret. In Mutual Aid cases we respond to the City of Dunkirk and Town of Dunkirk, Town of Portland,  Village of Brocton,  Village of Cassadaga, Village of Stockton, Town of Charlotte, Town of Villenova, Sheridan, Village of Silver Creek, Town of Hanover, and Town of Arkwright.

Our own district ranges from Urban to Rural locations and is about 49 square miles. We also cover 16 Miles of Interstate 90, SUNY Fredonia, and multiple other industrial and residential complexes. Our district covers 3 lakes. Lake Erie, Cassadaga Lake, and Bear Lake.

Fredonia is the only fire department in Chautauqua County that takes its own emergency calls and self dispatches. We operate on multiple low band channels throughout the county to maintain interoperability. Our radio call sign on the County frequency is KEC-505  (freq. 46.100 and 46.140). Our own Fredonia Fire Dispatch is frequency is 45.600 and call sign WPRX-448

We pride ourselves in our abilities to service a wide array of the public through their residences, work place, place of study, or just passing through. We are always ready to respond to your emergency.